Straight Edge – Soft Grey Tile Trim


Soft Grey Aluminium Straight Edge Metal Tile Trim by Genesis

Samples are to get a reference of the finish and not the size, please only order one sample per finish.

A image of the genesis esa.34 metal tile trim in a soft grey finish. grey tile trim available in 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Soft Grey Straight Edge Tile Trim

Introducing our Soft Grey Tile Trim, a sleek and sophisticated solution to elevate your tile installations. Crafted with precision, this trim boasts a straight-edge design, providing a clean and contemporary finish to any project. The soft grey hue adds a touch of modern elegance, effortlessly complementing a variety of color schemes and styles. Made from high-quality materials, our tile trim ensures durability and longevity, maintaining its pristine appearance over time. Easy to install and maintain, it seamlessly integrates with your tiles, creating a polished look for your spaces. Upgrade your interiors with the timeless appeal of our Soft Grey Tile Trim – where sophistication meets simplicity.

8mm – ESA080.34
10mm – ESA100.34
12mm – ESA120.34




34 Soft Grey