Do aluminium metal tile trims need any maintenance?

Our aluminium metal tile trims come in various different finishes, taking care of these are relatively simple and require you to polish every now and then to avoid any oxidisation. Aluminium does not react well with alkaline so therefore you should make sure you remove any adhesive and grout as soons as possible.

Do stainless steel tile trims rust?

Stainless steel is a very durable finish, every so often it is recommended that you polish them to avoid pitting and spot rust.

What depth tile trim should i choose?

It is recommended for the best finish to match the depth of your tile to the depth of your tile trim, for example 10mm tile depth you would use a 10mm tile trim.

Do you put tile trim on before tiling?

You can either put the tile trim on before tiling or you can slide it behind the tile while the tile adhesive is still wet.

What is metal tile trim used for?

Metal tile trim is used for protecting the bare edge of a ceramic, porcelain or natural stone tile.

How do you cut metal tile trim?

We recommend a junior hacksaw that is capable of cutting metal. To hold the trim steady you should use a suitable mitre block that can be used with tile trims.

What are the advantages of metal tile trim?

Metal tile trim is a very durable finish that will protect the bare edge of your tiles.

Do you grout metal tile trim?

You should grout the gap between the tile trim and the tile to stop water running behind the trim, also this creates a nice clean look.

How do i fix metal tile trims?

Metal tile trims are fixed using the tile adhesive that you use to fix your tiles, when the metal tile trim is slid behind the tile it fixes to the tile adhesive to stop it moving.


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